Almost every real estate investors derives a satisfactory income from their properties without the inconvenience of having to manage and attend to it.

At 4TEE PROPERTIES (Real Estate and Investment), we offer our expertise and personalized techniques of managing your property. Our management concept is founded on professionalism, integrity, accountability and quality service that guarantee the maximum return from your investment, while maintaining your property at the highest standard to attract the best tenants possible

All real estate investor have 4 major concerns:

  • Maximizing earning while minimizing expenses
  • Timely and proper rental collections and payable disbursement
  • Up to date reporting and complete accountability
  • Regular and complete real estate maintenance

The answer:

Take the headaches of property management away by hiring us- the expert, then sit back and enjoy well-deserved profits!

4tee properties & investment ltd website will provide your vacant property with continuous quality exposure. By using innovative marketing and advertising techniques we will fill out vacant space with qualified tenant fast. We take great care throughout the tenant qualification and selection process.

Our streamlined operation system eliminates unnecessary costs and wastage. We have a stringent selection for all suppliers and service providers in real estate and investment

We have an automated collection and disbursement system that takes care of the revenue flow of the property; all entries are also checked by our auditor monthly. We have also engaged the service of an external auditor that inspects our books quarterly. Everything is documented intimately in user friendly forms and documents that are open for inspection by property owner and their representative.

We employ professional maintenance people to care for all properties   under our management. Our dedicated staffs are knowledgeable on all aspects of real estate property maintenance and supervision. We have contingency plans for all risks and disaster related incidents in place.

We safeguard your investment by keeping your property attractive through painstakingly detailed maintenance, attention to the cost of benefit ratio and practicing regular inspections in order to prevent than fix problems.

We will be honored to manage your real estate properties for you.


  • Day to Day, Week to week, or monthly, quarterly operation of all building MEP (mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical) System as necessary to meet the building performance standard
  • Periodic inspections, servicing and repair of fire sprinkler and stand pipe system
  • Security provision
  • Waste management
  • Water treatment
  • Maintenance of generator
  • Cleaning of the compound
  • Management of the property
  • Fumigation services.
  • Managing unforeseen service that is required for the sustained quality operation of the facility: such service includes
  • Indoor Air and water quality
  • Activation of fire alarm, fire sprinkle and gas suppression system
  • Professional pest-control service
  • Waste management
  • MEP (Mechanical electrical and Plumbing) Service
  • Full cleaning for outdoor Area
  • Landscaping and irrigation Services

4TEE Properties (Real Estate and Investment) have the commitment to help you realize your financial goals while achieving your property mission. With our proven service records, 4TEE Properties (Real estate and Investment) are fully ready to render its service whole heartedly.

We would greatly appreciate the request to be executed at your earliest conveniences